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About us - Earners Team



Earners Team is a global investment platform that brings together investors and promising tech, real eastate, Agro, cryptocurrency, Aviation and Oil companies and startups. We carefully monitor the most sought-after sectors for investment, such as industrial business, development of new technologies, creating state-of-the-art software, and business related to solving environmental issues. We invest the funds deposited by the members of the public investment domain into the development, and maintenance of both our clients's and the company's self sourced Assets, giving it more through-life Value to maximize more profits. Our team of leading global investment managers uses patented algorithms to verify and analyze companies prior to placing them on the platform in order to bring a new class of assets to investors worldwide.

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Why Choose Us


Over many years, we earned the reputation of a reliable, stable, and effective partner


Our experts regularly analyze the market of startups and companies to provide new investment opportunities


Due to long-term partnership agreements that we enter into with companies selected by us, we guarantee you a stable income


We have come a long way in our development to become one of the most advanced investment companies


We have built up a highly qualified team of professionals who perform a huge amount of analytical work daily


Our company connects Wall Street with Silicon Valley and opens a new category of assets in investor portfolios worldwide


Company was incorporated in Arizona United states as a Real Estate and assets management company and officially began its operations with the company name E.A.R.N. INVESTMENTS, INC.
Development of more branches all over the world. We made United states our headquarter and our global branch was situated in Australia. From here international operations are being carried out.
Commencement of online investment Platform Development
We ventured into more sectors: Agriculture, Petroleum, Cryptocurrency, Transportation, Aviation and Solar Energy
Launch of Online investment platform. We decided to reach out to a greater number of investors worldwide through online investment


We have a mission to provide world-class services in the area of our core competences that leave our clients happy and thoroughly satisfied. We created an avenue for the public to invest in the projects and have share in the profit



Stafford Bridger


Todd Rudy

Co-founder and Finance Manager

Alissa Jaiden

Insurance Director

Girish Leopold

I should have invested with Earners Team many years ago! A very reliable company

Ivor Shubham

I am extremely satisfied with the service and advice of Earners Team The whole process was seamless and very easy.

Shi Iara

The investment packages are, if not the best, one of the best in the industry. Every request is dealt with promptly and most impressive is that whatever concerns I have regarding the economic environment or the relevance of my investment mix, a professional is just an email away. I can confidently refer any sophisticated investor to Earners Team.

Summanus Friduman

Earners Team gave me the best independent advice on my investment strategy. I am able to monitor the performance, switch funds and add to the investment with little or no hassle. Even as a sophisticated investor, I believe it’s important to have an advisor like them to assist with your portfolio which mirrors your risk profile and investment timeline and requirements.

Lorrie Mihaila

I have been looking everywhere to invest my savings in an honest company who strives in giving the most reliable customer support. I must say the Earners Team really takes customer service to the next level. I received quick responses, honest advice and they setup my investment account in quick easy steps.